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Quantum Healing and Holistic Consultation

I have trained in Reiki Usui, Reiki Tummo and Qigong, and while gathering knowledge from all of these, use  Reconnective Healing as my modality. I was also a part of a Teacher Training Program for The Ishaya's Ascension and growing up with the mindfulness techniques I learnt in The School Of Philosophy, as well as many other meditation techniques. I am well equipped to guide you in this area. Learn more below.





Everything is energy. I am in you as you are in me. A picture is worth a thousand words. A poem can speak to your soul. I work with the Ryder Waite Deck and Thoth Tarot decks as well as having developed my own Poetry Tarot system to give you a reflection of what you are going through. I can also refer to the I-Ching deck for guidance, a Chinese system based on yin and yang. I also have a strong understanding of Vedic Astrology and Numerology and can help you get a better understanding of your life path through birth charts or identifying your special numbers. 

Over many workshops I have been on I have discovered the healing power of sound as well as light language. I have tools for anything from chakra balancing to removing a simple headache.

Although I have learnt various forms of massage and reflexology in a workshop setting, I tend to follow my own intuition. I have a knack for finding knots and removing them and you also get the benefit of the quantum energy coming through my hands. I have practised Hatha Yoga for 20 years as well as dabbling in other forms such as Laughter Yoga from time to time also.

My Approach

We are all interconnected. I bring a lifetime of study in many different modalities of energy, spirituality and working with The Field to everything I do. They all inform each other in different ways. They are just different branches of the same tree that connects us to The One Source Of All Things.

What does Jivana mean?

Jivana is the Sanskrit name I was given when I took vows as a Novitiate monk at The Society For Ascension in North Carolina. Sanskrit is a vibrational language. It carries the meaning of "The Vivifier, The Enlivener Of All Beings, The Life Giving Sun and The Wind God Vayu."

About me

Born into a family and organization that taught me mindfullness practically from birth, I then branched out on my own to discover my own path. This led me to The Ishaya's Ascension, Reiki Usui and Tummo, Reconnective Healing, Qi Gong, and Family Constellation Work as well as many other healing modalities I have encountered through my work in various artistic fields through movement, sound, voice and music. I bring all this knowledge into any session I have with you.

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Jivana - Quantum Healing and Holistic Consultation


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I had a 45 minute reconnective healing with James. I didn't know what to expect but he put me completely at ease and outlined some of the possible things I might experience, advising me simply to relax and observe. Within moments I felt extremely relaxed and mellow, and my limbs felt very heavy and I didn't want to move. It felt like I had only laid down for 5 minutes, but the clock proved otherwise! The result was feeling much calmer and more centred, along with a significant reduction of pain and stiffness in my shoulder and wrist which were particular areas causing me problems. Overall it was a great experience that I highly recommend - I'll be going back for more!

Helen Millar

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